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Cat Toys Laser Pointer with 7 Adjustable Patterns

Cat Toys Laser Pointer with 7 Adjustable Patterns

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Interactive Laser Toy – the ultimate playtime solution for your furry companions!



•Stainless steel shell
•Anti-shedding tape and metal clip

Key features

•Endless Entertainment: Keep your pets engaged and entertained with the unpredictable laser patterns.
•Active Lifestyle: Promote healthy exercise as your pets chase and pounce on the elusive laser.
•Quality Time: Strengthen the bond between you and your pets through interactive play sessions.
•Safe & Harmless: The laser is designed to be pet-friendly and won't harm their eyes.
•Easy to Use: Simply press a button to activate the laser and watch your pets' excitement.

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4.52*0.67*0.67 inches

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